How did we come up with the idea of Happy Shorts?

Have you ever noticed how much similar men's underwear there is?

Why does underwear for men have to be boring and always look the same?

Since life is much too short for boring jobs that eat up a lot of time but are no fun, we thought - we'd rather do something crazy, but fun!

And we just felt like turning this product on its head and making "men's pants" attractive and varied again with colour, a little craziness and courage.

...And that's what we really enjoy doing... whether it's a duck, a donkey, the frog king or a rainbow - we hope to evoke as much fun in you with our designs as we feel with the designs from creation to dispatch.

And life is not only too short for boring jobs - life is especially too short to wear boring underwear.

#stayhome - take care of yourself and others - stay healthy - together we can do this